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March 2013 GlobalPeace.Net website re-development UPDATE

Sat, 03/23/2013 - 22:29 -- joerinehart

We haven't made any recent blog postings because it's been a busy time re-developing the entire structure for our GlobalPeace.Net website. Several features have also been developed and built in successfully but may not yet be available. For instance, we didn't want the ability for people to be able to make donations before they had the same opportunity to become a supporting member of our Global Peace Internet Foundation organization during the period our 501(c)3 application is pending.

We've also spent quite a bit of time working on integration between our web site, Twitter, and Facebook pages. What started as our @PeaceQuotes Twitter project is now completely integrated within the GlobalPeace.Net website, Facebook, & Twitter. People can now enjoy an hourly famous peace quote where they'd like it most! While our Twitter project just passed 28,000 followers, our Facebook page still has under 100 due to it being so new, yet our website was able to integrate the Twitter PeaceQuotes just yesterday (3/22/13) so it only has one like so far. We still plan to make our Twitter PeaceQuotes freely available without advertising or spamming between quotes! Of worthy note: We've already discovered a copy cat using the Twitter and Facebook accounts PeaceQuotes1 which is NOT affiliated with our GlobalPeaceQuotes or @PeaceQuotes project in any way! Furthermore, our web of trust warned us about most of the advertising or spam links between their quotes, so we encourage everyone to use a program like Web of Trust which would protect one from such traps!

We plan to work on Facebook integration with this blog this coming week, then we'll move back to developing the membership structure.

We've also installed a caching system and tweaked the site for speed, largely for the benefit of mobile phones.

Our contact page now includes a form to make it easier for people to communication without opening their email clients.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) incoming feeds have been establishing to import current peace news from throughout the Internet, and we also have our own outgoing feeds available.

A few of the articles from our old site have been restored and we know of one more which we hope to get back up soon. We were shocked to learn that we removed almost 500,000 pages that we manage to build up since 1997. The reason we removed most of that content is because it was either mirrored like we did for all the peace categories of DMOZ through custom programming or was linked to untrustworthy sites which we discovered through an in-depth web site audit. We hope you understand and we promise into the future, to not blindly add content or links just because it might be available from a trustworthy source as we learned that is not always the case.

We hope this blog article serves to update you on our website re-development progress through the month of March 2013. There is still a lot of work as we have a complex site with internal checks and balances planned for the future, so we're on it!


Best 'net regards,


Joe Rinehart, co-founder & Internet Director

GlobalPeace.Net, Inc. aka The Global Peace Internet Foundation

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