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Thank you for visiting The Global Peace Internet Foundation website!

Although, this Internet peace project was conceived in 1997 and gradually evolved to assist many 501c3 non-profit organizations, governments, and other socially conscious website projects, on February 19th 2013 Articles of Incorporation were accepted for a Not-For Profit charity organization with the Secretary of the Great State of Ohio, USA!

Federal Employer Identification Number (EFIN) # 46-2111964 was registered to GlobalPeace.Net, Inc. using Trade name The Global Peace Internet Foundation. No paid positions are expected or planned to be created before July 4, 2017! To date, this Global Peace network project grassroots initiative has been supported and financed 100% by volunteer labor and non-deductible donations by a growing number of companies and individuals. It is our goal to establish a public opportunity toward supporting the creation of not only volunteer positions, but also, paying jobs toward assisting other non-profits demand for various Internet needs, wants, and services.

Telephone number 330.874.9000 was established including a telephone book and Internet directory listings with Frontier Communications for GlobalPeace.Net, Inc.

A Federal IRS 501(c)3 registration has been paid for and is currently pending. Any donations received may be deductible upon receipt of an IRS Letter of Determination pro-rated from the date of the filing.

We are continuing our fundraising efforts toward further development of the Global Peace Network Project using GoFundMe at URL: or PayPal. GoFundMe offers us the opportunity for the donor to specify where the money should be used.

The Global Peace Quotes Twitter Project established on the 40th anniversary of the Kent State University shootings in 2010 has grown to 27,771 followers as of Jan 1 2013 at URL:

All of our former content and hundreds of web links have been removed. February 2013 has been a busy month re-developing our website. Please re-visit again soon, since we are working daily on implementing several features required to meet our goals toward disseminating peace information on the 'net! The historical archives of the domain GlobalPeace.Net is available at:*/ for those interested in the evolution of our global peace initiative.

Other Peace project pages include:

If you should have further interest, desire references of non-profits assisted, have question or comments regarding the Global Peace project, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you for your consideration!

Best 'net regards,

Joe Rinehart, co-founder & President

GlobalPeace.Net, Inc. Android: 330.389.1192 (anytime) Home office: 330.874.9000 (10am through 10pm EST)


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