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The Global Peace Internet Foundation

Mission statement


Internet dissemination of 501(c)3 or other socially conscious information.

Mission Statement

We believe the dissemination of information is prerequisite for knowledge and understanding to achieve Global Peace. Therefor, It is our mission to help meet the Internet technology needs for non-profit and socially conscious websites toward resolving several issues:

To assist with the dissemination of socially conscious information by sponsorship through grants for Internet consulting, website development, web hosting, Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and all other related Internet services for non-profits or worthy organizations.

To develop Internet Peace Projects.

To promote the search for social and economic justice.

To promote peace education utilizing information technology.

To raise funding for sponsorship of dissemination of socially conscious information.

To raise awareness of socially conscious issues.

Help promote a better understanding of people and their culture worldwide.

Help promote peace, truth and love world-wide as a key to understanding and acceptance of others.

To establish and promote a World Peace Treaty.

To establish internships and educational scholarships in the field of communications or peace studies programs.

To help promote the arts and culture of people world-wide.

To establish a peace treaty event celebrating the August 3 1795 Greenville Treaty Line in American history thus ending the Northwest Indian War, America's first war after the September 3, 1783 Treaty of Paris ended the American revolution. The Greenville Peace Treaty was the first authorized by President George Washington and the US Congress!

To establish and maintain a membership organization toward pursuing the goal of achieving World Peace.

Company Overview

The Global Peace Internet Foundation formerly known as The Global Peace Network Project (1997-2013) was conceived by William Sheridan Rinehart (deceased Jan 2003) and legally established as a not for profit charity organization GlobalPeace.Net, Inc. by Joe Rinehart in 2013 to promote and disseminate the many issues toward achieving Global Peace through knowledge and understanding.


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