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Dedication to my Native American Indian Friend

In April '96 I was having a discussion with a friend Colleen in the back our our new main street storefront about how things in my life were improving.

I had an accumulated an extensive background with electronic marketing and the Internet since Oct 1988. The company I co-founded in 1993 had evolved from selling cd-rom disc's to production of CD's and HTML (web pages). When the Internet went commercial in March of '95, I was approached by a few people about about starting a web production company.

We had been focused since mid 1995 toward production of consumer oriented content and were gaining recognition for our community directories project.

Our Internet services provider found out we were in the market for a high speed connection and approached us about marketing their consumer access services. Since we needed readers of our public content, the opportunity to offer dial-in access to our county which was calling long distance, was determined to be a good thing. We became the first agent for the oldest ISP in Ohio with a storefront and started to sell accounts at a rapid pace.

At one of our meetings in the spring of 1996, we discussed what we would do with a percentage of the revenue we expected to generate with our company. We all agreed to invest in the environment, specifically the preservation of trees.

I told Colleen that I thought the reason good things were happening for me was that the reason I wanted to achieve any wealth at all wasn't so much for myself. Originally, my motive was to donate money to my fathers cemetery business because I knew it would have an impact on a large percentage of our community and possibly ease the bereavement process when people lose a loved one by having them interred in beautiful gardens. Later, as I started to gain International exposure for electronic marketing, I realized my contribution could be on a scale much larger than our local region. That was when my brother Bill & I started to create the GlobalPeace.Net project.

Colleen told me she knew of a sacred place with a virgin woods with trees hundreds of years old that I should see and arranged to meet me the next day to take me there.

The next day, Colleen showed up as promised and asked if I was ready to go. Of course, I was quite curious and excited about this adventure. I had an overwhelming sensation that I was about to see and experience the beauty of nature.

On the way out she had informed me that she was trying to buy the land, found a few investors, and was looking for more, so that she could have the land placed in trust for preservation.

After a short drive we arrived at the home of an Indian friend of hers who owns some land adjacent to the old woods. As Colleen and I came upon his home, she knocked on the door to ask permission to park her car and pass through his property, so she could walk through the woods.

As we walked through his back yard I noticed a round twig built structure and asked Colleen what it was. She explained it was the frame of a sweat lodge and that her Indian friend uses it to cleanse his body and spirit.

A little further down the path of the sweat lodge we came upon a small creek with crystal clear water. It was while crossing the creek that I became aware the area we were in was very beautiful. The sound of the running water, light wind movement of the leaves, and rays of sun light gleaming through the trees was a peaceful experience. On the other side of the stream we came upon a wider path which appeared to be a more heavily traveled dirt road. After walking a littler further we came upon a fork with one direction heading up a large hill and the other going around the base of the hill in the opposite direction.

We took the road toward the top of the hill. A little more than half way up the hill, Colleen pointed out a few large cut trees which appeared harvested in recent years. She explained this recent cutting shows a real concern if the trees in this ancient woods are to survive another hundred years.

When we arrived at the top of the hill I immediately noticed an opening in the forest in the form of a meadow. We came in from the East, Colleen and I walking hand in hand, she in front of me, and I in her footsteps to the center of the meadow. I noticed beautiful flowers I had never seen before and pointed them out to Colleen.

Upon arriving in the center of the meadow Colleen began to pray and I out of respect tried to focus more by meditation than by prayer. It struck me that she was praying some form of Indian prayers and I tried to listen closely.

After the prayer session we stood in meditation and looking at the beauty around us. I told Colleen that I had seen beauty in my life, but never as integring as this place. Every thing seemed to be in it's own place.

I noticed a large wild rose bush to the East, what looked like a small clump of straight willow shoots to the South, a field of beautiful yellow flowers in the West, and a patch of tall wild grass in the North. The tall grass reminded me of the type found at a nursery often used in landscaping.

I told Colleen that this place was extremely beautiful and that the only time in my life I felt this close to nature was when I was at mountain warfare training camp in Bridgeport, California in the Sierra mountain range. I had the occasion to serve as one of two scouts during a training exercise and climbed the 14,000 feet the the summit of Mt. White with my peer Fred to eat lunch on top of the mountain. The difference between my experience on Mt. White and this meadow was that I felt above the beauty rather than being in the midst of it.

Never before, had I been so awestruck by the beauty of nature so closely surrounding me! I truly felt that I was in the heaven described by my religious training earlier in life.

Colleen informed me there was more to see and that we should leave the meadow. We walked back to the East through the same footstep path created when we came into the meadow, this time exiting South on the dirt road that we arrived on.

This section of the road had grass growing on it and didn't show much usage. We shortly came upon an old foundation which Colleen explain that she though may have been left from one of the oldest churches established in the state, which did not survive and Indian battle, but she really wasn't sure. About a quarter mile further down the road we took a pause.

Colleen asked me if I sensed anything about this area? I looked to the right and saw many depressions in the land and told her I thought it was an old cemetery. She asked me why I thought that and I explained to her I grew up in the cemetery business and that death didn't become a business until the civil war era. Prior to the civil war, we buried our dead promptly, sometimes in wood coffins and that vaults didn't exist back then.

Vaults were invented to save the back filling labor that became necessary as the body decomposed which caused depressions in the ground. With so many depressions all facing the same direction at this location implied it was a cemetery before the civil war era. I then ended my discussion on the topic by telling her that even to this day the Amish and a few other religions and cultures still bury their dead based on tradition established thousands of years ago and don't use vaults or otherwise commercialize death.

Colleen informed me that she sensed it was possibly a cemetery, but wasn't sure. She then asked me if I could tell if it was an Indian burial ground or white man's cemetery or both. I explained I could not tell by appearance because both white and red men decomposed back into the Earth the same way. I commented that regardless of skin color all men are human.

Another few hundred feet down the road, we came upon another fork in the dirt road, and Colleen asked me if I felt anything about this area.

I told her I felt this was a very old road rather than a path. I faced toward the Eastern road heading uphill and instinctivly closed my eyes.

As I closed my eyes, I saw a man with his arms down to his side, his mid torso length hair braided and graying, in leather clothes, standing by a huge old tree stump. I immediately identified and sensed very strongly this man was a respected Indian elder or religious figure. Just as clear as when my eyes were open, the same surroundings were in my vision.

Colleen asked me again if I saw anything. I opened my eyes and almost blurted "let me tell you". I first thought maybe she had me hypnotized or was leading my questioning. I was startled, but not afraid and wanted to understand what I had just experienced so, I closed my eyes again.

This time I saw his arm pointing downhill and tried to move my vision toward his face. I didn't clearly see his face the first time and wanted to know who he was or what he looked like. I couldn't focus on his face to easily so I tried to focus on what he was pointing at.

At first, I saw a fern patch but sensed strongly that wasn't what he was pointing at. Then I saw a big green bush, but also sensed that wasn't what he was pointing at. As my eyes moved back toward the fern patch, I noticed something green, but couldn't distinguish what it was.

This experience I realize was telepathic in nature as I didn't experience any other form of normal communications in my vision. I define my experience as a vision as I was aware of my surroundings and the only thing that changed when I closed my eyes was that a human spirit appeared. The detail was as clear as when my eyes were open. Never before did I experience anything like this.

As I opened my eyes, I explain to Colleen what I'd just experienced. I had heard of people seeing ghosts and was a big fan of the "unbelievable" television shows, but didn't believe or disbelieve. I told her that I thought one reason people could see the spirits of their loved ones was because the love they had was so great and that I also suspected this could explain why it often seems people who have shared long lives with a loved one seem to die them selves on anniversaries or birthdays of their dearly departed spouse.

She asked me if I had any Indian ancestors. I told her that my great grandmother was Indian, but knew of no other ancestor, certainly not a man.

I did not think of myself seeing a ghost, but rather a spirit. I did experience a strong sense that this place was indeed sacred and for that reason I did not walk uphill to the area of my spirit friend. I also felt as though I had just received a "gift from God" in the form of enlightenment and the knowledge that there was indeed life after death. To me this confirmation was not a religious one, but rather, very spiritual.

I was very confused as to why I had this experienced at the age of 40 and was questioning everything to Colleen on the walk back to the car. On the drive back, I discussed the book written by Redborn called the Philistine prophecy and asked her if she thought there might be a great awakening going on. She said she agreed a lot of people were becoming enlightened and that I should read the tenth insight which was the third book written by Redborn.

Upon arriving back at the office, I felt I had to share my experience with my girlfriend Rose. At home after work, I explained in great detail what had happened and shared with her my desire to see my Indian friends face.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I saw my friend's face just in front of mine. This time I was very startled as it happened not in the woods, but in my own bedroom, and sat up rather abruptly. This rapid movement woke Rose and all I could say was "I saw him".

Rose and I talked several hours until about 4am, before we finally went to sleep. I had explained to Rose that when I saw his face this time it was accompanied with a strong telepathic sensation that I had to go back. That I didn't find what he was pointing out and that I felt there was something of intrinsic value I should be looking for. We determined that we would call Colleen in the morning to ask her to take us both out as soon as possible. Rose was also very curious to see the place this occurred to me at.

First thing upon waking up, I telephoned Colleen and told her what had happened the night before and that I felt I had to go back to find what he was pointing out to me. I also told her I expected to find something intrinsic in value slightly buried.

Colleen met us around noon and we went back out to the woods. Rose, Colleen, and I went through the same routine of prayer and walked the same path as when the vision first occurred until we arrived at the location of my vision.

Rose and Colleen stayed on the road while I went to sit on the tree stump next to where my Indian spirit friend was standing in my vision. After a period of meditation, I walked toward the area he was pointing to the day before. When I walked about 50 feet downhill I saw a patch of fern.

This was the same patch of fern in my vision. I could not see Colleen or Rose from where I was and realized that I could not see the patch of fern in my vision from my view point.

I knelt over the fern patch to meditate and placed my hand over the fern as if to feel the aura of the plants. As I looked up I saw the bush in my vision and again sensed this is not what I was looking for. As I dropped my eyes about halfway between the bush and the ferns, I saw a rock. This rock was covered in moss and was green.

I walked over to the rock and again knelt down started to meditate. As I looked up, about three feet from the rock was a drinking glass. At that point, I yelled to the girls "I think I found something". Colleen and Rose quickly joined me at the rock. I then gave the drinking glass to Colleen and told her she should keep it and think of the forest when she sees it. Colleen and Rose explained that they were able to see my aura as I knelt beside the rock and it was the strongest they've ever seen of a human being. They described it as a beautiful brilliant bluish white glowing effect.

Colleen sat on the rock and asked me if the drinking glass was what I found. I told her yes, but I didn't think that was what I came for and that I felt it had something to do with the rock. She bolted up as if the rock were haunted and I told her it was ok.

As we studied the rock, I started to turn it over. As I turned it on it's side and started to clean of the dirt that stuck to the bottom, I noticed what looked like Arabic symbols. These symbols were carved into the rock and integried me greatly. I noticed the rock was in the shape of an arrowhead. As I started to clean the rock toward the tip, I saw some paint. It was a white painted horse. It looked like a horse painted on a cave wall in National Geographic and was very beautiful.

We studied the rock and placed it back exactly as we found it. I asked in the form of a statement more than a question "How could a man take a hike in the middle of a woods he has never been in and randomly decide to turn over this rock?" and "What are the chances of that happening?". Then I said "This is a gift given to me by God", the knowledge of spiritual life after death being the greatest gift. I also pointed out that I felt I was given proof of my story in the form of that rock.

I'm now an absolute believer in mental telepathy as a form of communication since this was the form of communications that encouraged me to search for an item of value. I've also experienced several occurrences of telepathy since the day my Indian friend told me about the rock.

I've not seen my Indian friend since that day in April of 1996, but, I know he is with me. I recognize him as my spiritual guide through life and when I pray I often pray to him with knowledge he is directly connected to the G-d of the universe and the foundation of all religion.

Although, I'm not a religious man, I've become very spiritual. I believe I now understand the basis of religion and that it is established to teach the everlasting fruits of truth. The truth to all things is achieved by following the path of love.

It is with the inspiration and help of my Indian friend that the project was developed. To pursue the love of humanity and mother Earth and to regard all life sacred. It is in the spirit of this pursuit that we dedicate the Global Peace Net project.

Joe Rinehart

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