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Board of Directors

It is our great pleasure to introduce several respected and esteemed gentle-persons who have accepted our invitation to serve as founding members of the Board of Directors for GlobalPeace.Net, Inc. DBA The Global Peace Internet Foundation! As soon as all the responses from those invited, have been received, we will hold our first official meeting and formalize the Global Peace Internet Foundation with new Officers and elect to the Board the below proposed founding members.


Joe, Rose, and Sheridan Rinehart (orginial incorporators of the articles as a non-profit charity organization)


Marv Lyon's -

Because of my intense interest in the power of multimedia communication, I spent some time interning with Charles Eames, the world renowned designer and  “father of Multimedia”, during the production of the IBM Pavilion for the NY World’s Fair.


Sue Thompson -

GLOBAL PEACE ADVOCATE International Artist & Photograher currently working on a Photographic Journey of Peace & Exhibition showcasing the beautiful ...... "CHILDREN OF THE WORLD"


Colleen De Vincentis -

Colleen is currently in Boston, MA and her bio will be forthcoming. Suffice it to say, I have known Colleen for several decades and ask for her guidance due to an extensive background as a spiritual advisor and involvement with several Native American Elders.


Joe Rinehart -

I have enjoyed a career in technology which started not long after I authored the first known commercial URL or Internet Address advertised in a computer magazine in 1993, almost two years before the Internet became commercial.



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