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On 26-Mar-1997 I was discussing with my "little" brother William Rinehart what he thought would be a good domain name that people should never forget for our pro-bono non-profit work. He responded with a lecture about the musician John Lennon and his peace activities and said World Peace .com. would be his choice. I promptly checked the domain name and learned it was taken. However, GlobalPeace.Net was available, so we registered it. When the Internet first went commercial the .net high level domains were generally used by Internet service providers or large networks, so we thought it would be appropriate.
For the next several years we simply linked information and made the domain name available for email forwarding services.
One of the first issues we ran into that we felt unjust was that American profit companies can raise funds for non-profits in which 100% of the donations were tax-deductible, but only about 5 to 10 percent actually got to the needy non-profit! We thought "what if" we were to help the non-profits raise funds on the 'net with 100% going directly into the non-profits and maybe we could earn a commission of 5 - 10 %. That logic just made sense and could have the ability to resolve a very bad tax loophole. In any regard, that was one of our first early goals for the project to resolve. That started our interest in helping worthy sites with our technical expertise and resources.
In  Jan 2003 my brother Billy passed away leaving the GlobalPeace.Net domain name to me for continue development. Up to this point the project was mostly about providing information, links to many well know non-profits, and assisting a dozen of so websites with their development and web hosting.
By the time 2013 rolled around the Global Peace Project had developed over 400,000 web pages and links of non-profits that were largely listed in DMOZ. We had discovered that many of the non-profit links were not in good standing with the Web of Trust website, so we decided to start fresh and inspect every link from our project site.
On Jan 1st 2013 the decision to incorporate our Global Peace Network Project was made and on Feb 19th became reality.
We are excited to announce the development of a new content management database driven system web site! This content management system allows for community development of links and other information.
Any donations are used to consult, produce, host, market 501 C-3 or other socially conscious web sites, develop Internet peace projects and promote the Greenville Peace Treaty Line, which was the first peace treaty authorized by George Washington and the US Congress.
All of our historical content has been removed and we are currently restructuring our web site to meet our mission goals for the domain GlobalPeace.Net! 
Thank you for your consideration and please revisit soon!
Best 'net regards,
Joe Rinehart, co-founder
The Global Peace Network Project

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